Missile Warfare

Missile Warfare was first inspired from a StarCraft custom game with the same name. The goal of the game was to “shoot” down the enemy by shooting projectiles at each other. The two teams would consist of three builders each, and would be separated into two separate islands with a large body of water in between. To “shoot” meant to summon air units that would fly towards the other island, and the builders on the other side would have to dodge them. There were many small features that made the game complicated, but I wanted to work on a simple version using Phaser.

Working with real-time action was challenging, and even now, I’m not confident that I could pull it off well. There are so many server-side issues to worry about, so I ended up delegating a lot of tasks to the client side. Of course, this can be abused to cheat the game, but as I am not intending on making this official by any means, I went that route for simplicity.

It is not hosted, but the project page can be found below.

Project Page